Flashback Theater Co. is your theater company. And the mission of your theater company is to explore the world, our past and theater as a community.

As the next production comes together, you can be a part of it by contributing to some of the production elements. And the Tide Shall Cover the Earth is about remembering how our community became what it is today. Lake Cumberland is a huge part of our region and affects most of us in many ways – but when it was first created it most affected the families who were displaced from their homes. And the Tide pays tribute to that often neglected part of our history, and you can be a part of it by helping us source some of the things we need for a successful retelling of the story.

Below you will find categories of items that we are looking for. (Crossed out items have already been provided.) If you have any of the items that you are willing to donate or let us borrow, please email Sommer at sommer@flashbacktheater.co or call her at (859) 322-2739 by July 20. If you want to contribute in another way, consider financially supporting the production by making a tax-deductible donation or purchasing tickets.

Set Pieces

Furniture should appear to be of the 1930s era or earlier.
Wood chair for a porch
Milking Stool
Wood rocking chair, low-profile preferable
Wood bench without a back
Dresser/chest of drawers, low-profile preferable
Chest for quilts
Small bed
Pallets, will be altered so these must be donated.


Handmade quilts
Quilt top in progress
Corn shuck mattress, twin size
Blue mason jars
Ewer and basin (with table is ok but not necessary)
Mantel clock
Milk Pail
Wood crate


You can volunteer to usher or assist with one of our events on this sign-up page.
You can also volunteer to help build our set during tech week (August 2-7). Please email or call Sommer at sommer@flashbacktheater.co or (859) 322-2739 to be added to our list of set volunteers.